Sunday, April 13, 2014

Neha Ahmed - Samsara By Shehla Chatoor

The dusky beauty with the hot bod is back! Pakistani Model Neha Ahmed appears in the latest video featuring the Samsara collection by Shehla Chatoor. This awesome video is directed, edited and post by Nadir Firoz Khan. Styling and art direction is done by Maha Burney, while the makeup and hair by Npro. The unique music of the video is by Talal Qureshi while the DOP is Kamran Khan.
Neha is looking damn sexy as always. You will also notice a good amount of focus on her beautiful figure and features.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Santa Mathira bares some gifts

Mathira toplessWhether you like her or hate her, she is famous. Yes I am talking about the Pakistani model, host, and apparently an actress and  a singer as well, Mathira. There is no doubt that she is famous or infamous for her controversies, whether it may be in live calls, live catwalks, ads or photo shoots.
The following are a couple of pics from here shoot for the Christmas season where she is topless; I mean really topless. Apart from these there are more of her sizzling and exposing pics!

So check them out!

Monday, April 7, 2014

... now that I can dance

Let's look at the other picture for a change, something other than the Pakistani models. Although the lollywood industry is next to dead, there was a time when a considerable number of lollywood movies were released per year. Yes, most of them had crappy story, with crappier acting and with crappy songs with ridiculously odd dance sequences....ok they were just crap! Whether it'd be Resham, Meera, Sana, Nirma, Noor, Laila or any other of these "actresses", the results were more or less the same. 
The dances on the songs, specially the wet ones, were meant to be really sexy but turned out vulgar as hell and sometimes even funny in a sick way! So why not do something about it! Yeah lets make fun of it :-)


Sunday, March 23, 2014

Looking back at Amina Shafaat and Zara Shaikh

Pakistani fashion models are here, there and everywhere these days. The Pakistani fashion industry has come a long way and so has the Pakistani models.
The glamour and the boldness that we commonly see today was very rare back in the day. So why not visit the past a bit and see the era where it all began and get that nostalgic feeling that we all love so much.

The following is a snap shot feature from the Pakistani fashion mini channel Style Duniya, that later on became Style 360 and then finally merged into the crap that we know as Hum Sitary these days;Yeah, I miss the gold old days!

This feature presents Pakistani fashion designer Khawar Riaz's old collection with Amir Chisty behind the camera, with the two sensational Pakistani models of their time, Amna Shafaat and Zara Sheikh in front of it.
I have used the song Every other time by LFO, a hit from the 90s in the background, just to add a little bit more of that nostalgia :-)
There isn't much of any revealing in this shoot, but it still looks hot and the two models look beautiful.